The Girl and The Boy...

I have been lucky enough to watch Freya and Seamus, my friend Kirsten's kids, grow into amazing little people over the past few years. I photographed them almost exactly two years ago.

They are both beautiful, have great imaginations, and loved immensely. 

 Freya's long blond braids and Seamus's strawberry locks are to die for.  

And, ever a lover of stuffed animals, I mustn't forget to include Lovies the bunny, and Frog and Bear. 
Amazingly, Lovie, Frog and Bear, have managed to hang on since our first shoot two years ago!

Look at how new Bear looked! And Lovie...wasn't quite as loved yet.

My favorite thing about photographing kids is capturing true, unbridled joy.
I can't help but smile too when I look at these:   

Looking forward to witnessing these little ones as they continue on their own adventures...

Awaiting Baby Grace...

If you were to look up strong, bad ass, rockin', cool as all get out, yoga mama, 
you would would find this very picture:

Followed, most likely, by this photo:

I mean, you can practically see the outline of the baby in there!

This beautiful mama to be is Sarah, one of the owners of the super cool yoga joint, 
Judging by her glow and amazing aura, this is the spot to be!

She and her husband met me out on Sullivan's Island to to a few shots this past week.  
It was an absolutely beautiful morning, with a gentle breeze fighting off the looming summer heat.

The light played of the patterns in the sand, and the tips of the grasses blowing in the wind.  
This spot never gets old.

 Sarah mentioned wanting some photos for a wall in Grace's nursery.  
Judging by the love and excitement shared between this couple, baby Grace is going to 
come into this world surrounded by all the love she can soak up.


Congrats you two! You are going to make one fine mama and papa team:)

A Few Of My Favorite Things...Charleston Edition

I must say, that I just love Charleston, and most everything about it.  If I have a day off, or some down time, I try to include at least one of the following things.  If I can get two in, it's going to be a day for the ages!  These are all iPhone shots,  moments in my every day life...

Rice and Bean Bowl from Dellz Deli.  Cruising on my New Belgium Breweries Wonder Bike. 

Gerber daisies on my front steps.    Relaxing with my husband at the beach.  

Coming home into the sunset over the Cooper River Bridge. Jasmine blooming on my fence.


Shrimp boats at Shem Creek.  Getting my sweat on at Charleston RIDE.  

Charleston Cornices.  The dock at Longborough.  

Riding bikes to the battery with the best of friends.  The new park at Shem Creek.

Kirbi + Russell

When I first laid eyes on Kirbi's veil, I knew it was going to be a good day.  Then, as I started getting to know Kirbi and Russ, and their friends and family, I knew it was going to be an awesome day.  The colorful array of DIY personal touches mixed in with vibrant flowers, and amazing bright yellow bridesmaids dresses made for a very fun palate.  Despite a little rain, everyone pulled together for a beautiful ceremony showcasing a great young couple with a lifetime together ahead of them.  Kirbi and Russ, it was a joy capturing your wedding! Best wishes!

Beautiful Baby Boy!


My great friends, Marci and Rob, have the most beautiful, adorable 8 week old baby boy, named Dutch.  Having known his parents for a number of years, it is no surprise that he is both sweet, and gorgeous! I have known Marci since my freshman year of college at CofC, when we shared a dorm room, and were teammates on the women's soccer team.  I feel so lucky that we get to see each other often, and have remained such good friends.  Marci, you are a great mom, and have two very lucky men in your life!

Kate + Rick

I love when a couple goes out on a limb and says forget all of the rules and what everyone else is going to think about it! It is, after all, about the couple on their wedding day, isn't it? Kate and Rick were married on Friday, April 13th, and had such a beautiful day out at

The Daniel Island Club

!  They were so connected with each other throughout the evening.  As they said their very touching vows, the golden rays engulfed the two of them, making for a fairy tale start to a wonderful evening! Congrats Kate and Rick-here's to a full and beautiful life ahead of you!

Jenni and Paul on The Wedding Row!

 I just adored Jenni and Paul's wedding at the Library Society here in Charleston, and much to my delight, today, it is being featured on The Wedding Row!
A little bit about the wedding from the bride:

"My now husband likes to say that old books brought us together. We met at the American Antiquarian Society, a rare book library in Massachusetts: I went to the reading room to do research for my Ph.D. in American literature; Paul, who works there, helped me track down some obscure 19th-century titles; and the rest, as they say, is history. When we started looking for a place for our wedding reception in Charleston, which is where I grew up, Paul almost immediately happened upon the website for the Charleston Library Society, a private membership library founded in 1748. The absolutely beautiful reading room and the connection to our own story of finding love in -- of all places -- a library made it the perfect, if somewhat unexpected place for our reception. Celebrating our wedding surrounded by our wonderful families, good friends, southern food, and old books made for the ideal wedding day."
Thanks Della and all of the wonderful people at The Wedding Row for featuring us! 

Lighting Workshop at CCforP

 Yesterday, I taught an Intro to Studio Lighting Workshop at the Charleston Center for Photography. We had a great turnout, and a super successful day! The first half of the day was spent going over basics of the Elinchrom strobes and lighting theory.  Later on in the afternoon, we set up three different stations and played with a variety of scenarios.  Many thanks to a great group of students, and our beautiful model Morgan!

We tethered my camera to my MacBook Pro using Lightroom 3 so the students could see the results of the lighting set ups as I shot them. Here are some of my shots, followed by the work of my students.
Student Work:

Photo by Ryan
Photo by Leslie
Photo by Jody       
Photo by Stephen
Photo by Kim
Photo by Pat

Photo by Anthony
Photo by Meg

Photo by Stephen 

Photo by Bill
Great work everyone! You should be very happy with the work you created:) Hope to see you back at CCforP soon!

Monica + Lennie

Every once in a while, you run into those people that you just click with.  To me, Monica is one of those people.  I met her up at the Center for Photography(she is a very talented photographer and have always gotten along with her so very well!  She has such a great sense of humor and an awesome laugh! Naturally, I was thrilled and honored when she asked me to take some photos of her with her husband, who, ahem, just finished up Officer Candidate School last week! Thank you, Lennie, for serving our country!   Y'all were too much fun-I hope you enjoy each others company for years and years to come.

Mr Maddox and a Bit of Style

Get your "aww's" ready-this kid is a cutie! All you parents out there with 5 year-old girls out there, watch out for this one! He is a little Brad Pitt in the making.  

It doesn't hurt that his awesome mom, Alexandra, is one of the top stylists in the area.  See her work at  I photographed her for the December issue Skirt! Magazine which is on stands now, and work with her on the fashion spreads also featured in Skirt!.

 Here are a few samples of the shoots that we work on together.  It's a really fun process, and I always have a blast working with the creative team at Skirt!

Cindy + John, Bowen's Island

 I shot Cindy and John's wedding at one of the coolest little spots in the Lowcountry, Bowen's Island, back in September.  This place has more character than you could dream of, along with endless funky backdrops at your fingertips.  Cindy and John were super cool and up for anything-even climbing up on the pile of oyster shells!  Being that it is an "R" month, Bowen's Island hosts weekly oyster roasts that are well worth checking out!  They have wicked fresh seafood that you can enjoy on porches along with fantastic views. It's a little off the beaten path, but well worth your time. Congrats Cindy and John!

Holga Fun...

 Lately, I've been playing around with some new(to me) cameras. It has been really refreshing shooting film. Whenever I get a roll back from the lab, it's like Christmas. A new surprise in each frame.  These frames are from the first roll I shot with my toy Holga, probably about 6 months ago now. These are mainly from a bike ride I took with my friend, colleague and boss at CCforP, Stacy Pearsall.  If you don't know her, you should. She is an amazing photographer, and an even better person. It's great to get out of the office and be a tourist in your own city sometimes. Hope you enjoy something a little different from me!


Whitney and Jake are married!

Whitney and Jake tied the knot during a beautiful ceremony under the oaks at the Legare-Waring House at Charlestowne Landing. This is one of my all time favorite spots in Charleston, and these two are an awesome pair! Jake you were looking quite dapper, but I must say that Whitney stole the show with her classic, vintage look! Absolutely stunning! Congrats, and I wish you two a lifetime of happiness! All photos will be available 11/12/11 by clicking HERE !


Victoria and Donald Tie The Knot!

 Over the past few weeks, I have had a few welcome "firsts" of the most memorable was photographing my first GREEK WEDDING! It lived up to everything I hoped it would be, and more.  I actually now wish I was Greek.  I am not kidding.  These people are awesome, and danced the night away like there was no tomorrow.  The brides cousins even dressed up in traditional outfits and did traditional Greek dances...amazing.  Not to mention, Victoria and Donald are such a sweet couple, and Victoria was a total knock out godess! Congrats you two! (Slideshow below)

Mikayla + Tristan- Boise, Idaho

Mikayla and Tristan allowed me the honor of capturing their wedding day, which they celebrated in their home city of Boise.  It was a treat not only to explore a new city, but to spend a weekend with such a great couple, and their crew of amazing friends and family.  Mikayla studied here in Charleston, but I can see why she decided to head back to Boise after graduating! Mikayla made for an exquisite bride; the detail in her dress, accompanied by the pops of fuchsia in her bouquet sent me into photo bliss!  Eventa Bella did an incredible job of decorating the old Boise Train Depot, and the ornate Cathedral of the Rockies glistened on its' own!  Please enjoy the slide show and a few of my favorite shots!