Kristin + Dave

It's not often that you have the privilege of photographing one of your childhood friend's wedding. This past August, I had the chance to do just that for Kristin and Dave.  I have known Kristin since we were about 8 years old and played together on our first soccer team together.  She had rockin' 80's bangs, and I basically looked like a boy.  I like to think we've come a long way!  Kristin and I have remained close friends ever since.

Kristin is one of the kindest, most giving, and hardest working people I know, and Dave truly is her perfect match. Thus far, I have failed to mention that Kristin is not only a great friend, but an excellent photographer as well. (Check out and her latest project called "Portrait of a Creative"!)  Many people might shy away from photographing another photographers wedding, but Kristin and Dave made me feel more than comfortable and confident in taking on the task.

It honestly was a pleasure to return to my home state of Rhode Island to capture this beautiful wedding at the Portsmouth Glen, between to of the most fabulous people I know.  It was a wonderful gathering of family, and old friends...and of course...lobster! Congrats Kristin and Dave! I only wish we lived closer!

Piper + Joseph

Piper and Joseph were married during a beautiful ceremony at St. Mary's Catholic Church in downtown Charleston several weeks ago.  Piper was such a stunning, classic bride in a most elegant dress that only she could ever pull off!  She and Joseph are such a sweet couple, and their love for each other is so endearing and real.  One of my favorite parts of their wedding was that Piper's 90(+) year-old grandfather was able to attend the festivities all the way from Maryland.  He was just toooo sweet! 

Piper and Joseph, I wish you nothing but the best in your many years of marriage to come!

Kirbi + Russell

When I first laid eyes on Kirbi's veil, I knew it was going to be a good day.  Then, as I started getting to know Kirbi and Russ, and their friends and family, I knew it was going to be an awesome day.  The colorful array of DIY personal touches mixed in with vibrant flowers, and amazing bright yellow bridesmaids dresses made for a very fun palate.  Despite a little rain, everyone pulled together for a beautiful ceremony showcasing a great young couple with a lifetime together ahead of them.  Kirbi and Russ, it was a joy capturing your wedding! Best wishes!

Kate + Rick

I love when a couple goes out on a limb and says forget all of the rules and what everyone else is going to think about it! It is, after all, about the couple on their wedding day, isn't it? Kate and Rick were married on Friday, April 13th, and had such a beautiful day out at

The Daniel Island Club

!  They were so connected with each other throughout the evening.  As they said their very touching vows, the golden rays engulfed the two of them, making for a fairy tale start to a wonderful evening! Congrats Kate and Rick-here's to a full and beautiful life ahead of you!