So long summer!

I must say, this summer has been full of great adventures, but I am ready to bid it adieu! I can't help but to snap pics of all of my favorite happenings, so here are a few of my standout summer moments, iPhone style!

 We welcomed the summer in with sweet tea vodka, slow days, scrumptious tomatoes, relaxing porch dinners, perfect summer nights, and south of Broad bike rides with no particular agenda.


 June took us to the mountains of western North Carolina, a nice respite from the heat of the city.

Then to the left coast, for a little bit of wedding work, and a lot of play!

Running through the trails of Nisene Marks State Forest was definitely a highlight of the trip.

 Next up, a touristy trip up the coast with Tessa, 
my great friend and often times assistant, to San Francisco.

 In SF, we rented bikes, cruised the city, rode across this fine bridge to Sausalito, 
and took the ferry back.  A refueling at Sushi Ran was delightful!

 Then, I met up with my husband and trekked up to visit some family in Petaluma.   We had a relaxing visit at their ranch, affectionately named, Gypsy Acres, and some fun at the Rivertown Revival music and arts festival, and lastly Lagunitas Brewery before heading back down the coast.

 Back to Charleston, and the late afternoon summer thunderstorms that I know and love...

 My alma mater, College of Charleston and great memories of my time there while listening to the music of those days with Donovan Frankenreiter at the Windjammer this summer.

Two more trips to the northeast, one home to the sweetest little state in the union, Rhode Island, and one to the most beastly city of our nation, NYC!  It is pretty difficult to be in RI and not be on, in, or by the water. It was an awesome place to grow up!  Got to see my mom, eat Gray's Ice Cream, and my fill of LOBSTA'!

 I checked off an item on my bucket list when I attended the US Open at Flushing Meadows.  For some reason, I have always, always wanted to go. We saw Serena, Sharapova, Azarenka and the Bryan Brothers.  It lived up to the expectations!

New York, I do love you, but I love Charleston more...
So good to be home and welcome in a new season!

All in all, it was a pretty good run. I look forward to what my future travels bring!