welcome to king street lululemon!


When I heard lululemon atheletica was opening a store in Charleston, I was super excited! I love, love, love, their products, and have no qualms about telling you so.  I love the vision and mentality of lululemon(Check out their manifesto above).So, when they approached me about shooting the Ambassador photos, I jumped at the opportunity!  In my head I was thinking... "So, let me work this out.  I will be encouraged to wear workout clothes instead of "proper" work attire, while shooting incredible athletes, in the most breath-taking locations in Charleston? Well, let me mull this over for a minute. YES!"  We had an absolutely fabulous time on each and every one of the shoots.  Everyone was so cool; it was like hanging out with old friends.  The store on King Street has finally opened, so now I can share some of the photos we shot:)  The Ambassador's photos are displayed throughout the store, and if I may say so myself, I think they look awesome. To the lululemon crew, the store looks incredible.  All the hard work has paid off! Congrats!

 king street lululemon crew and ambassadors