The Girl and The Boy...

I have been lucky enough to watch Freya and Seamus, my friend Kirsten's kids, grow into amazing little people over the past few years. I photographed them almost exactly two years ago.

They are both beautiful, have great imaginations, and loved immensely. 

 Freya's long blond braids and Seamus's strawberry locks are to die for.  

And, ever a lover of stuffed animals, I mustn't forget to include Lovies the bunny, and Frog and Bear. 
Amazingly, Lovie, Frog and Bear, have managed to hang on since our first shoot two years ago!

Look at how new Bear looked! And Lovie...wasn't quite as loved yet.

My favorite thing about photographing kids is capturing true, unbridled joy.
I can't help but smile too when I look at these:   

Looking forward to witnessing these little ones as they continue on their own adventures...