Awaiting Baby Grace...

If you were to look up strong, bad ass, rockin', cool as all get out, yoga mama, 
you would would find this very picture:

Followed, most likely, by this photo:

I mean, you can practically see the outline of the baby in there!

This beautiful mama to be is Sarah, one of the owners of the super cool yoga joint, 
Judging by her glow and amazing aura, this is the spot to be!

She and her husband met me out on Sullivan's Island to to a few shots this past week.  
It was an absolutely beautiful morning, with a gentle breeze fighting off the looming summer heat.

The light played of the patterns in the sand, and the tips of the grasses blowing in the wind.  
This spot never gets old.

 Sarah mentioned wanting some photos for a wall in Grace's nursery.  
Judging by the love and excitement shared between this couple, baby Grace is going to 
come into this world surrounded by all the love she can soak up.


Congrats you two! You are going to make one fine mama and papa team:)