The Sloat Family

Last Friday, I had the honor of photographing the Sloat family at Hampton Park in Charleston.  This is one of my favorite places to shoot, and the Sloat's quickly became one of my favorite families I have photographed!  I first met this family a couple of years ago through the annual Pattison's Academy Spinning Marathon at Eco Fitness, where I teach Spin. If you don't know about Pattison's Academy, you should.  The mission statement for Pattison's Academy, which recently became a public charter school, is as follows:

Pattison's Academy for Comprehensive Education will improve the quality of life for children with multiple disabilities by providing a comprehensive education program that integrates educational cirricula with functional rehabilitation instruction to maximize the potential and well being of the child and to ensure family inclusion.

I have seen so many children, and families, positively effected by this program.  It is amazing.  The people who carried this school from a dream to a reality are too many to name, but are all heroes in my eyes.  Great job, and congrats to you all!