Love Red Tonight!

Tonight I will be part of a group show title Love Red, hosted by One located at 478 King Street.  The opening will be from 5-8 pm and includes some really talented artists and photographers from the Charleston area.  Rachel Gordon, of One, and her team, assigned each artist one word to keep in mind when creating their piece.  Each artist and photographer has created a piece that has been inspired by the color red, which is the global color for solidarity with HIV positive and people living with AIDS.

I was assigned the word "stigma," which to be honest had me completely stumped at first! How on earth does one portray stigma, an intangible word?  I bounced it around, and decided to stick to a portrait, as I felt the human element was very necessary.  But, STILL, how was I going to portray this?  Well, as we all know you cannot tell, just by looking at someone, if they are HIV positive.  However, many people have preconceived notions, or stigmas, regarding what people with HIV look like.  I decided to place reality side by side with the preconception.  Here is what I came up with:

 I must send out a very large thank you to my model Missy Living, who was more than willing to pose for this project!  Also, thanks to Stacy Pearsall for bouncing around concepts that made this work, and for some post production tips.  It should be noted that this is a composite, and that it has been altered in Photoshop.

Artists and photographers participating include myself, Eric Bradshaw, Kimberly Krauk, King Street Photography, Cyle Suesz, David Despeaux, Diana Deaver, Clayton Brannon, Gregg Lambton-Carr, Mickey Williams, Natasha Madan, Karen Silvestro, Kevin Harrison, Sarah Yoder, Jeffery Lange,Banks Pappas, Jessica Crouch, Julio Cotto and Patrick Nevins.
Profits from this event will be donated to Lowcountry AIDS Services, so come out and support a good cause! 

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