Charleston Magazine Cover!!

Well, what a nice surprise to happen upon!  As many of you know, I shoot a bunch of incredibly fantastic events and performances for the Jazz Artists of Charleston and the Charleston Jazz Orchestra.  I must give JAC and CJO a HUGE shout out for using local artists, paying local artists, and using the visual arts to properly promote and document their art, jazz.  Last year, I was doing a studio shoot of the RIDICULOUSLY talented Charlton Singleton, CJO's Artistic Director, (trumpet player, vocalist, pianist...need I go on??), over at the Charleston Center for Photography. We had basically wrapped up the shoot, and decided to pop off just a few more shots- a couple of fun ones.  What resulted Leah Suarez has recently, and affectionately, coined "The Everlasting Jump".  I'm pretty sure that Charlton wishes that it would just die!!  The photo I am referring to is of Charlton jumping up, way up, in the air with his horn, and it was chosen for the November issue of Charleston Magazine!!  Charlton is a rare musical talent, which Jack McCray so eloquently describes in his latest article, "Jazz Man".  You will only be able to see a few photos, but it looks like they used a lot!  Charleston Jazz Orchestra, and Jazz Artists of Charleston, are two non-profits that have been formed by an incredible group of amazingly talented musicians that have bonded together to make sure that Jazz is represented properly in the Lowcountry.  I must also give a hand to Leah Suarez, JAC's leading lady, whom without, they would not be what they are, Erin Fornadel, Leah's right hand lady who works tirelessly to make things go off without a hitch, and of course, the ever gracious and patient, Charlton Singleton! They look great on paper, but you are really missing out if you have not been out to see them perform live! CJO will have another event coming up on the day before Thanksgiving!