Katie Penta for lululemon athletica

Katie Penta for lululemon athletica

Katie Penta is a total gem of a person, and if you don't know her, you're missing out! She'll set you up with a killer workout on the megaformer at Method 29403 and have you dripping sweat, and still smiling, after a ride at Revolution . Be sure to check out one of her classes if you haven't already!

Joey Welling for lululemon athletica

Joey Welling for lululemon athletica

For the past several years, I have photographed the lululemon brand ambassadors here in Charleston, SC. Lululemon is always one of my dream clients, as the shoots combine some of my favorite things: athletics, a brand vision that my style that is right in line with my style, and people that I have many things in common with. In short, it's a dream gig!

Unified-Book Cover

Several months back I photographed U.S. Senator Tim Scott and Congressman Trey Gowdy for the cover of their book, Unified, published by Tyndale House Publishers.  As it so often goes, I wasn't allowed to release any of the images, but the book is due out in April and the cover has been released, so here it is! 


Many thanks to the superbly talented Ashley Brook Perryman on makeup, to Arielle Simmons for the assist and Redux for being my studio home!

Kristin + Dave

It's not often that you have the privilege of photographing one of your childhood friend's wedding. This past August, I had the chance to do just that for Kristin and Dave.  I have known Kristin since we were about 8 years old and played together on our first soccer team together.  She had rockin' 80's bangs, and I basically looked like a boy.  I like to think we've come a long way!  Kristin and I have remained close friends ever since.

Kristin is one of the kindest, most giving, and hardest working people I know, and Dave truly is her perfect match. Thus far, I have failed to mention that Kristin is not only a great friend, but an excellent photographer as well. (Check out http://www.kristingladney.com/ and her latest project called "Portrait of a Creative"!)  Many people might shy away from photographing another photographers wedding, but Kristin and Dave made me feel more than comfortable and confident in taking on the task.

It honestly was a pleasure to return to my home state of Rhode Island to capture this beautiful wedding at the Portsmouth Glen, between to of the most fabulous people I know.  It was a wonderful gathering of family, and old friends...and of course...lobster! Congrats Kristin and Dave! I only wish we lived closer!

Andrea Jahde

I always mean to post more out takes, and photos that don't make the final cut. I hate to think that some of these types of photos will never see the light of day, and sometimes, they are some of my favorites! In early December I photographed Andrea Jahde for

Skirt Magazine

in her super chic Broad Street studio.  Really, it is a dream space with huge windows and beautiful natural light. I actually met Andy at a shared favorite spot,

Bin 152

, a few weeks prior, so I was really excited that she was going to be featured in the "Meet" section in the January issue.  Andrea studied shoe design at Kansas State and surely going to be a force to be reckoned with in the future-keep an eye out for her down the road!

New and old...

Here's to a new year looming- to a time of renewal, rejuvenation, reflection, and reinvention. Here's to the end of a fabulous 2012 with many reasons to celebrate, and the birth of a new year with endless opportunities to explore.  Why the title, you may ask? Well, I am the proud new owner of a Contax 645; an old camera that is new to me.  Over the past few weeks I have been playing around and getting acquainted with my new friend, and have just received the first roll of black and white film back.  Oh dear... I think I have fallen in love with this gem of a camera. 

Mirror Lake, Highlands, North Carolina

I don't normally post pictures of my husband, but if I may say so myself, I think he looks quite dashing in these shots:)

And, I don't normally let him turn the lens on me, but it's only fair... We'll have to work on his focusing a bit though ;)

Yes, there is room to grow, and there are improvements to make, but there are also some beautiful bits in there. Seems like you could say that about the past year as well...So, with that said, cheers to the coming New Year! 

Charleston Classic Basketball

I just finished shooting the Charleston Classic Basketball Tournament for the Associated Press, and had a blast! I love the challenge of shooting sports, and the variety in my "job".  One of my pictures of University of Colorado player Andre Robinson ended up as one of the Associated Press "Top Pics"(APTOPIX) of the day! This guy seriously elevated over the defenders.  It was very impressive.  Follow the link here, or check it out below!

Charleston Jazz Orchestra's Latin Night

Copyright Alice Keeney Photography for Jazz Artists of Charleston/Charleston Jazz Orchestra
Sometimes, my "job" leads me to the coolest places, and I have to pinch myself to make sure that I didn't just win a backstage pass, but am actually working!  Saturday night, I photographed the late set of Charleston Jazz Orchestra's "Latin Night", featuring Etienne Charles, at the Charleston Music Hall.  We are basically given the freedom to work every angle of the show, as long as we don't interfere with the experience of the participants.

Copyright Alice Keeney Photography for Jazz Artists of Charleston/Charleston Jazz Orchestra
Copyright Alice Keeney Photography for Jazz Artists of Charleston/Charleston Jazz Orchestra
Copyright Alice Keeney Photography for Jazz Artists of Charleston/Charleston Jazz Orchestra

Copyright Alice Keeney Photography for Jazz Artists of Charleston/Charleston Jazz Orchestra
Copyright Alice Keeney Photography for Jazz Artists of Charleston/Charleston Jazz Orchestra
Copyright Alice Keeney Photography for Jazz Artists of Charleston/Charleston Jazz Orchestra
Copyright Alice Keeney Photography for Jazz Artists of Charleston/Charleston Jazz Orchestra
Copyright Alice Keeney Photography for Jazz Artists of Charleston/Charleston Jazz Orchestra
Copyright Alice Keeney Photography for Jazz Artists of Charleston/Charleston Jazz Orchestra
Copyright Alice Keeney Photography for Jazz Artists of Charleston/Charleston Jazz Orchestra

Having shot this group and location for a number of years now, it is always challenging to come up with something new and creative, but I am pretty pleased with the shots that I came up with from this show.  If you haven't been to a CJO or JAC event yet, there are two more shows this season, and a 5th season has just been announced! It is a great time, and a bit off the beaten path, so check it out- http://jazzartistsofcharleston.org

So long summer!

I must say, this summer has been full of great adventures, but I am ready to bid it adieu! I can't help but to snap pics of all of my favorite happenings, so here are a few of my standout summer moments, iPhone style!

 We welcomed the summer in with sweet tea vodka, slow days, scrumptious tomatoes, relaxing porch dinners, perfect summer nights, and south of Broad bike rides with no particular agenda.


 June took us to the mountains of western North Carolina, a nice respite from the heat of the city.

Then to the left coast, for a little bit of wedding work, and a lot of play!

Running through the trails of Nisene Marks State Forest was definitely a highlight of the trip.

 Next up, a touristy trip up the coast with Tessa, 
my great friend and often times assistant, to San Francisco.

 In SF, we rented bikes, cruised the city, rode across this fine bridge to Sausalito, 
and took the ferry back.  A refueling at Sushi Ran was delightful!

 Then, I met up with my husband and trekked up to visit some family in Petaluma.   We had a relaxing visit at their ranch, affectionately named, Gypsy Acres, and some fun at the Rivertown Revival music and arts festival, and lastly Lagunitas Brewery before heading back down the coast.

 Back to Charleston, and the late afternoon summer thunderstorms that I know and love...

 My alma mater, College of Charleston and great memories of my time there while listening to the music of those days with Donovan Frankenreiter at the Windjammer this summer.

Two more trips to the northeast, one home to the sweetest little state in the union, Rhode Island, and one to the most beastly city of our nation, NYC!  It is pretty difficult to be in RI and not be on, in, or by the water. It was an awesome place to grow up!  Got to see my mom, eat Gray's Ice Cream, and my fill of LOBSTA'!

 I checked off an item on my bucket list when I attended the US Open at Flushing Meadows.  For some reason, I have always, always wanted to go. We saw Serena, Sharapova, Azarenka and the Bryan Brothers.  It lived up to the expectations!

New York, I do love you, but I love Charleston more...
So good to be home and welcome in a new season!

All in all, it was a pretty good run. I look forward to what my future travels bring!

Glass Onion-YUM!

Today, I photographed Sarah O'Kelley and Chris Stewart, the masterminds behind Glass Onion in West Ashley.  Lucky for us, they have created a line of items we can bring home to our own kitchens, starting with Belle's Sausage Links and Glass Onion Thunder, a sweet pepper relish. I was lucky enough to get to taste this lovely plate, and, boy, was it tasty! If you haven't been yet, GO! They also sell Celeste's legendary farm fresh eggs and raw milk.  Don't miss out!

cafe fork

For the July issue of skirt! Magazine, I photographed Cafe Fork in Charleston.  Margaret, one of the editors, and I always joke that we shouldn't eat lunch before we go on these kitchen shoots! We always cross our fingers that we might get to taste a bite of whatever we are shooting. In this case, Margaret, the co-owner of Cafe Fork, was more than generous! We were sereneated by sound of falling rain and stories of (chef) Margaret's grandmother teaching her how to make the Coca-Cola cake we were devouring. For those of you northerners, yes, we do eat cake with Coke in it down here! To see the whole spread, check out the July issue of skirt! on stands now-Bon apetit!

This Cafe Fork Burger is the most unreal thing you will ever see in your life! It is loaded with pickles, onion rings, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, and more! Had to try a bite of that one!

Thank you, Margaret, for great stories and even better food! We had such fun:)

Piper + Joseph

Piper and Joseph were married during a beautiful ceremony at St. Mary's Catholic Church in downtown Charleston several weeks ago.  Piper was such a stunning, classic bride in a most elegant dress that only she could ever pull off!  She and Joseph are such a sweet couple, and their love for each other is so endearing and real.  One of my favorite parts of their wedding was that Piper's 90(+) year-old grandfather was able to attend the festivities all the way from Maryland.  He was just toooo sweet! 

Piper and Joseph, I wish you nothing but the best in your many years of marriage to come!

welcome to king street lululemon!


When I heard lululemon atheletica was opening a store in Charleston, I was super excited! I love, love, love, their products, and have no qualms about telling you so.  I love the vision and mentality of lululemon(Check out their manifesto above).So, when they approached me about shooting the Ambassador photos, I jumped at the opportunity!  In my head I was thinking... "So, let me work this out.  I will be encouraged to wear workout clothes instead of "proper" work attire, while shooting incredible athletes, in the most breath-taking locations in Charleston? Well, let me mull this over for a minute. YES!"  We had an absolutely fabulous time on each and every one of the shoots.  Everyone was so cool; it was like hanging out with old friends.  The store on King Street has finally opened, so now I can share some of the photos we shot:)  The Ambassador's photos are displayed throughout the store, and if I may say so myself, I think they look awesome. To the lululemon crew, the store looks incredible.  All the hard work has paid off! Congrats!

 king street lululemon crew and ambassadors


Childhood Dreams...

 Ever since I can remember, I have loved sea turtles.  Not to an obsessive level, but I think they are just so cute! Remember the little sea turtle in Finding Nemo, "Squirt"?

 How could you not love him?!?  So, when I had the chance to actually go to the Sea Turtle Rescue Center at the South Carolina Aquarium, for a Skirt! Magazine shoot,  I nearly died and went to heaven! It is such a cool program.  I think I took more pictures of the turtles than the lovely lady who was showing us around(and I was actually supposed to be photographing!). Here are a few of my favorites: